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Student & Guardian Expectations

Student Expectations

Throughout the school year, Virtual Academy students must adhere to the expectations below. 

    • Course work:
      • Interact with the content, discussion boards, and other course materials daily
      • Complete course work independently and in a timely manner
      • Attend tutorials (face-to-face or virtual) as required
      • Schedule and attend face-to-face testing sessions
      • Seek help from the instructor as needed
    • Grades:
      • Maintain progress report grades of at least 70 in all courses
      • Adhere to all UIL “no pass no play” guidelines 
    • Technology:
      • Keep the computer camera on during lessons, check-ins, and assessments
      • Maintain working technology throughout the year
      • Read and acknowledge the district Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) regarding technology and the internet
      • Acknowledge that Forney ISD has full and complete access to work submitted or the comments posted
    • Attendance:
      • Log into Ole' course(s) daily and actively participate to be considered in attendance
      • Make direct contact with the instructor if unable to login to the system within each 24-hour school day (Without that contact, the student will be considered absent.)
      • Follow the same policies and procedures as onsite learning, including truancy requirements
      • Maintain attendance based on state and local district guidelines
    • Code of Conduct:
      • Adhere to the Forney ISD code of conduct 
      • Behave with integrity and honesty while participating in an online class
      • Meet student, parent, and district expectations throughout the year
      • Adhere to the Forney ISD Code of Conduct and behave with integrity and honesty while participating in the academy

Serious or persistent misbehavior, as defined in the Glossary of the Code of Conduct, may result in removal from the academy.

Success Coach (Guardian) Expectations

A Virtual Academy student is encouraged to have a Success Coach (guardian) who supports them through their online educational experience. The  Success Coach is responsible for supporting the overall learning environment and experience. The Success Coach should adhere to the expectations below.

  • Ensure that the student has the necessary equipment and internet access to participate in the online courses (All students grades 3-12 are issued a child Chromebook.)
  • Provide the student with a safe and appropriate place to work that is free of distractions
  • Ensure that the student has sufficient time in his/her schedule to work each school day
  • Become familiar with the means by which you can receive progress reports, including asking the student to show you his/her course work and progress
  • Encourage the student to seek help when struggling or frustrated
  • Ensure that all work is done by the student without the aid of others
  • Be aware of all course deadlines and pacing guides
  • Communicate academic concerns with online instructors as needed
  • Provide transportation to any required interventions and assessments